Vision and Mission Statement

WASMA Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The WA School of Mines Alumni (WASMA) actively strives to maintain and advance the world class reputation and well being of the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM).

WASMA will work to advance the common interests of its members and similar organisations in relation to the preservation of this world-class mining education faculty and retention of the value of those qualifications received from WASM.

Vision Statement

The WA School of Mines Alumni, through the strength and support of its large membership base, provides a foundation for the short and long term goals associated with WASM. WASMA will continue to work closely with its members providing social, educational and professional services in order to maintain a foundation of industry and community support that will continue to underpin the values associated with a WASM qualification.

WASMA will:
• Actively promote and support WASM and be recognised for excellence in student support programs.

• Engage the mining industry and community to help provide an external connection for WASM staff and undergraduates to enhance the value of WASM educational experience.

• Work closely with Curtin University to help it achieve its goals and in doing so provide the fundamental value that goes with a WASM qualification.


WASM graduates demonstrate a strong passion and pride in relation to their personal association with the Western Australian School of Mines. The values are generated from the linkage to being educated in the Kalgoorlie goldfields. This backdrop provides the foundation for the value set that has been apparent for over 100 years of educational history. Resourceful, practical, pragmatic, capable, hard working and enthusiastic graduates enter the mining industry with a “can do attitude”and a high level of professionalism and integrity. WASM graduates are humble with a strong sense of community and build lifelong friendships. The WA School of Mines Alumni recognise that this value set is directly related to the education process in Kalgoorlie and Bentley. WASM graduates understand the opportunity provided to them by the qualifications they have received and openly encourage the same opportunity for those that follow.