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Dear Alumni

An exciting new transformation at Curtin University occurred at the beginning of 2018 with the powerful resources engineering disciplines of Chemical and Petroleum incorporated into the WA School of Mines and the WA School of Mines Alumni. Mineral and Energy Economics, which for over a decade were located within Curtin’s Graduate School of Business, was returned to WASM .

Industry expert says leaders aren’t learning from lessons of boom and bust

Prominent mining commentator Allan Trench believes corporate decision makers in the mining industry aren’t paying heed to the lessons of Australia’s boom and bust cycle.

Famously, the Australian mining industry went through a decade of huge growth from around 2003 to 2013 in a boom period that proved the country’s largest since the gold rush of the mid-19th century.

Moving into 2013, the mining industry entered a period of serious downturn (or bust) from which it is just now starting to recover.

CSIRO pours Australia’s first eco-friendly gold bar produced without toxic cyanide

You might pay more for single origin, ethically-produced coffee beans for your morning brew, but what about environmentally friendly gold in your wedding ring?

Highly-toxic cyanide has been used in commercial gold production in Australia since the gold rush.

But the CSIRO have successfully poured Australia’s first gold bar using the less-harmful alternative, thiosulphate.

Saracen boss’ stability plea

Kal Miner
Andrew Murdoch and Zach Relph
Thursday, 30 August 2018 8:05AM

Saracen Mineral Holdings boss Raleigh Finlayson is calling for the mining sector to stabilise its topsy-turvy engineering graduate demand, regardless of industry conditions, to promote mining as a viable pathway for students.

WA bid to lift mining enrolment numbers

Exclusive, Rhianna Mitchel

THE WA mining industry has come together in a “call to arms” after successive cohorts of school leavers ignored the industry on which the State has built its reputation.

A big decline in mining-related university enrolments has led to fears of a skills shortage at a time of recovering iron ore prices, a strong gold market, growth in automation and robotics and a forecast lithium boom.