Western Mining Corporation


WMC, Limited, founded in 1933, was the Australian holding company for a diversified group of mining enterprises that operated throughout the world. It was the world’s third-ranked nickel producer and one of Australia’s leading gold producers. It owned 40 percent of Alcoa World Alumina and Chemicals, at the time the world’s largest producer of bauxite, alumina, and alumina-based chemicals. It produced substantial amounts of copper, uranium, and talc. The company’s headquarters and the majority of its operations were in Australia, but its subsidiaries undertook mining activities in at least 20 nations on every continent except Antarctica.

WMC outlasted its regional neighbours and operated continuously in the goldfields, surrounding WASM for 70 yrs. The result was a legendary association, with mutual benefits to WMC and to WASM.

WMC’s Support of WASM
1. Agricola Residential Collage -$550k out of a total cost of $1.3m
2. WMC Conference Centre at WASM
3. The Sir Lindesay Clark & Keith Parry Foundations. $2.0m
4. Other substantial financial contributions including student scholarships, and prizes
5. Technical lectures from visiting WASM graduates and/or other WMC employees.
6. WMC personnel were released to provided part-time lecturing, on a contractually paid employee basis, as a visiting volunteer or on secondment from WMC.
7. Vacation employment, cadetships, scholarships and career employment and mentoring opportunities.
a. Some graduates returned to the school in a career move, after receiving WMC job experience, thus imparting that experience, while introducing students to the WMC culture.
b. Exciting graduate job opportunities in operations around the country and offshore in a large variety of minerals and commodities, in all stages of exploration, development, production and marketing.

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