Mentoring Program

The Saracen and RUC Mining WASMA Mentoring Program

It’s no secret how important mentoring is and its place amongst businesses and economies.

We’re looking to make sure that every WASM graduate (no matter how old or young) has the ability to gain access and support from fellow graduates. Especially in times like this. Whether you are a Geologist, Metallurgist, Chemist, Surveyor or Engineer – we welcome everyone. You don’t need to be in the industry still to be a mentor – if you have changed industry – we would still love to have you join us.

Every person applying to be a mentor and mentee must attend the 1 hour training in Perth which will be held on March 8th 2016 at 2.30pm for mentors. A course for mentees will be run at a later date. Both courses will be offered later in the year too.

This training ensures that both mentors and mentees are prepared for what is to come.

The program is designed to be formal but flexible – something a lot of programs miss and something which will suit the nature of the industry we are in. Fill in your application today.

Please contact
Kyle DeSouza

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WA School of Mines Alumni MENTEE APPLICATION 2016

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WA School of Mines Alumni MENTOR APPLICATION 2016

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