BubDesk invites all WASMA members to take part in our exciting new initiative.

BubDesk is Perth’s unique co-working space, a blend of shared workspace and childcare, that encourages new parents to continue on with their careers or businesses.
Now in its second year, BubDesk is expanding its service to a broader network of branches, including a CBD location, arming businesses with tools they need to attract & retain top talent.
Businesses already using the service find that their staff are happier to return to work earlier and in a more full time capacity when given the opportunity to work close by their child. We ensure that working professionals experience minimal disruption and exceptional support in a productive workplace, free from the distractions of working from home.
We are inviting WASMA members to take this 2 minute survey to gauge interest in supporting your team with either an in-house BubDesk branch or an offsite branch with fellow WASMA members.