Holly Kiely… our girl from WASM @ London Fashion week

Neil Watkinson Kal Miner

A surreal experience and a dream come true — that’s how Kalgoorlie’s Bel Cappello team is feeling about its adventures after tasting the glamour of global exposure at London Fashion Week at the weekend.

London-based Australian milliner Ana Pribylova and her label Ana Bella Millinery was the head designer and Bel Cappello the feature designer at the House of iKons show. Bel Cappello is Holly and Jennine Kiely, and fellow director Jesica Mckenzie.

House of iKons chief executive Savita Kaye said Bel Cappello was the first Australian designer and brand to take part in the runway production.

Bel Cappello director Ms Mckenzie said the show professionally launched the label on to an international designer platform and provided a lot of inquiries about the 2017 collection.

“The success of tonight has provided Bel Cappello a retail direction for the upcoming season,” Ms Mckenzie said.

“We worked with international models from around the world, including Europe, Australia, England and America.”

It was the second time the label had appeared in London in the past six months and it had set plans to pursue international fashion opportunities, Ms Mckenzie said.

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