The WA School of Mines Alumni Partners with the Gold Industry Group

The Gold Industry Group is thrilled to partner with the WA School of Mines Alumni to support diversity within the school and the wider industry.

Last night at the annual WASMA & WIMWA Diggers Sundowner President Bill Beament announced the recipient of the Gold Industry Group’s Diversity Scholarship, Sarah Arnoldi.

“We are delighted to provide a diversity scholarship to WA School of Mines geology honours student Sarah Arnoldi,” said Gold Industry Group Executive Officer Rebecca Johnston.

Sarah is currently investigating the Neoproterozoic links between Australia and Antarctica.

“My current honours project involves a tectonic reconstruction of the Pinjarra Orogen, which is a metamorphic belt formed when Australia and India collided 500 million years ago,” said Sarah Arnoldi.

“This ancient mountain belt is located in key positions for reconstructions of these continents and not much work has been done on dating them.

“From what I know, no literature or research has been made into the economic potential of the orogen.”

In conjunction with her full-time study Sarah is currently working with gold exploration company, Sarama Resources, and has previously worked at Northern Star Resources and Novo Resources.

“We wish Sarah all the best and look forward to following and sharing her exciting journey,” Ms Johnston said.

The Gold Industry Group’s annual Women in Gold Sundowner with Women in Mining WA will be held on 17 November at The Perth Mint.

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