WASMA Podcast Episode 16 – Dr Jay Spence – Your Mental Health is Important!

Dr. Jay Spence holds a Master of Clinical Psychology and a doctorate in Psychology from Macquarie University. He was a joint recipient of the Gold Prize at the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Service Achievement Awards (2010) and of the St Vincent’s Health Australia National Invention and Innovation Award (2010). He was also the recipient of the 2011 New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry Fellowship and the Centre for Emotional Health Prize. A 2013 research paper on treating PTSD via the internet was awarded the ‘Research of Special Significance‘ designation. He has previously been a lecturer at the University of New South Wales and has 10 years experience treating patients in private practice. Dr. Spence is the CEO of Uprise, which is a Telstra-backed startup that provides innovative mental health programs for employers and insurance providers.

About Uprise

Uprise was founded by Dr. Jay Spence, a clinical psychologist, who treated patients with work-related stress or depression. It became apparent that by the time that many people came to see him it is was too late to treat them back to a full recovery. Many patients arrived in crisis with complex problems that made recovery time prolonged and emotionally difficult.

He began to look at early intervention approaches and was fortunate to be part of one of the first online treatment clinics established in Australia. Dr. Spence completed his PhD thesis on adapting face-to-face therapies to be delivered online in the shortest amount of time possible. His PhD research became the basis for Uprise.

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