A Stake in the Future

WASMA creates a place for industry to become advocates for the sector, working together for continual innovation and technological improvements, research initiatives and to support the future generation of talent. We are a conduit between industry and education.

Your connection with WASMA can help to influence the future of the sector. Through our relationship with WASM:MECE, we can actively apply innovative solutions and technologies earlier into the curriculum, helping to craft the job-ready, qualified talent, that businesses are seeking.

Be on the forefront of change and nurture the next generation of resource professionals. The resource sector is a highly rewarding, fulfilling career path and your association with WASMA shows that together, we are stronger.

Connect with vibrant, job-ready talent

Find and foster talented graduates for future employment through your connection through WASMA and WASM:MECE. Through the support of programs, scholarships and events, you’ll be able to identify and nurture keen, job ready graduates, ready to enter the workforce.

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