Students Programs

Learn from the best industry

There are a number of WASMA supported programs that students can utilise to further their careers.


The WA School of Mines Scholarship Endowment Fund is an initiative to build an endowment fund to establish much-needed scholarships in perpetuity.

The fund, supported by WASMA, is way to assist students to meet their educational and professional goals, without the pressure of financial commitments.

Mentor Program

Be paired with WASM’s own Alumni and learn from their years of industry experience through our Mentor Program. WASMA offers their Mentor Program to WASM:MECE students giving them the opportunity for a first-hand look into the industry and their chosen career path, with the support of their mentor.
The benefits of being a Mentee include:

  • Connecting with those in the industry
  • Developing your personal network
  • Gaining valuable insight to your chosen career path
  • Having a knowledgeable resource that you can go to get advice and discuss your study or career questions
  • Developing your interpersonal and communication skills

Hear from our students

I needed a laptop to help me with my studies and just couldn't afford it. My scholarship helped me to purchase a laptop so that I could start studying more from home (especially during Covid) and not completely rely on Curtin facilities to complete assignments and assessments. Working from home also saves money on fuel and now I can put that towards savings. I am now working off my new laptop with all the programs needed for my degree. I am so thankful for the scholarship, it has helped me financially and helped my grades rise due to the time saved on travelling to and from university.

Husain Murry

I was in a position where my parents were unable to support me financially. This proved to be a massive burden when I moved to Kalgoorlie to pursue my studies as I had to cover all my accommodation costs and living expenses. The WASM bursary scholarship helped to ease this burden and removed a hefty amount of stress that was on my shoulders, allowing me to focus more on my uni life and studies. After getting into the swing of things in Kalgoorlie, I am loving life here and I am super grateful for having received the bursary to kickstart my life in Kal.

Dylan Allen

Going into my third year of a mining engineering degree was a big step for me - moving out of home for the first time, to a town very different from Perth, 650km away. This included new challenges such as paying rent, cooking three meals a day, and ensuring a healthy uni-life balance. This was all a new experience for me, in addition, Covid-19 had just started to gain momentum in Australia. Taking such a large step in life, mixed with a global pandemic created a lot of uncertainty and nervousness during that period. The WASM scholarship was a key element in my success during my third year. During Covid it was hard to find work, the scholarship meant that I was able to afford living in Kalgoorlie without working. This ensured that I was able to have healthy meals as well as have extra time to focus on my uni work. Every dollar was essential during the first period of Covid as there was a lot of uncertainty as to whether the industry would fully recover. The safety net that the scholarship was able to provide ensured I never had to worry about losing all of my money, giving me one less thing to worry about in a very challenging time. I am now in my fourth year, with a graduate position lined up for when I graduate. The scholarship I received enabled me to focus harder on my studies and improve my course weighted average drastically. This helped me when applying for jobs in both vacation and graduate positions which I’m very thankful for.

Zac Salleo