About Us


WASMA – proudly supporting our members, our students & our industry

WASMA is the second-largest Alumni network in the world. Our members are all on individual career journeys, but WASMA offers a supportive community to belong to at every stage. We facilitate Alumni and student connection through high-level industry collaboration, mentoring, professional development opportunities, scholarships, networking and more.

WASM has global standing as a Centre of Excellence, which means many of our graduates are emerging resource sector leaders. WASMA helps them become connected advocates for their industry.

We are committed to overcoming skills gaps and maintaining a world-class Australian resources industry. We cultivate research and knowledge opportunities for our resources sector. And we showcase Alumni success and industry thought leadership with pride.

Mission Statement – unified and driving the value of the WASM: MECE educational experience.

WASMA is a large, active community of dynamic, engaged Alumni and lifelong ambassadors for WASM: MECE’s standing and future vision.

We are connecting Curtin University, WASM: MECE, and Kalgoorlie campus with industry partners to deliver important professional, social and educational services.

We advocate for the continued growth in learning and leadership of WASM: MECE professionals across the resource sector while providing critical programs which improve talent pipelines into industry.

Vision Statement – opening doors to highly-prized resource industry careers

  • To build on the WA School of Mines globally recognised reputation as a Centre of Excellence (curriculum, research, student enrolments and talent pipelines.)
  • Maintain a regional and city focus, as we support Alumni, the Kalgoorlie/Bentley campus and current students with:
    • connections
    • industry experience
    • mentoring
    • scholarships
    • vacation work
    • resources camps
  • Acting as an extension of WASM: MECE to engage industry leaders on their research needs.
  • WASM: MECE credibility, quality and excellence:
    Continuously evolving the focus as the resources industry continues to adapt and innovate.


Led by a team of committed, visible leaders (Board, Council and Execs) – our people are aligned to the Association by a set of unique values, lived daily through our words and actions.

We have focused effort upon our culture to enable us to achieve our Vision faster.

Our values are:

  • Inclusiveness
    Stronger together – resource industry engineers making a difference, regardless of our discipline
  • Collaboration
    Resourcefully, we rely on our network for the greater good.
  • Pride
    Passionate about our roots and great care in the work we do.
  • Excellence
    Crystal clear focus on what matters the most – relationships, the qualification and connectedness of WASM: MECE, students, graduates and our Alumni.

Our history

Not surprisingly, our history is intertwined with that of the WA School of Mines, which was established in Coolgardie in 1902. WASM was relocated to its current location in Kalgoorlie a year later after gold was discovered in the area.

The exact date our association began representing the mining and resource industries’ interests and needs is not known. But a reference to the WASM Students Association second annual dinner in the Kalgoorlie Miner in 1905 gives us an indication.

Since then, WASM and WASMA have been through many administrative and organisational changes. Over the years, graduates have played a crucial role in fighting for WASM to remain in Kalgoorlie.

Thanks to their determination, WASM continues to play a critical role in Kalgoorlie in producing proficient, industry-ready graduates who drive WA’s and Australia’s resources industry.

Today WASMA is the second-largest Alumni network in the world. We’re a supportive, engaged and connected community that supports our emerging talent and has strong industry ties.

We hold an annual graduation dinner in Kalgoorlie where new graduates are welcomed into WASMA and the broader mining industry community.
Together we’re supporting, growing and sustaining the resources industry in Australia.

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