Corporate Spotlight

Each month we shine the corporate spotlight on a company involved in the mining industry. Learn more about the key people and companies supporting the WASM Alumni!

For the month of July we are proud to put the corporate spotlight on TLT-Turbo.

For 145 years TLT-Turbo have been supplying ventilation fans to the mining industry. With its premium quality and high efficiency fan designs, TLT-Turbo is a global fan company with representation in over 50 countries.

For further information visit: TLT-Turbo

Meet Paul Michetti, Business Development Manager, TLT-Turbo Australia.

Tell us about your career journey so far.

From my start in the drawing office of a prominent Australian Fan manufacturer in the 80’s, I have been fortunate to work and gain skills in fan design/manufacture, estimating, project management, fan applications, product manager and business development, where I found myself in mid 90’s immersed in ventilation equipment for the mining industry. I believe that with the current global push to greener, critical minerals and cleaner sustainable solutions for power, this is a very exciting time to be involved in mining.

You have been in the ventilation business for just over 40 years, what have been the major changes you have seen?
In my 40 years in the ventilation business and at the risk of sounding old, one of the major changes I have seen has come from the utilisation of computers. Not only have computers assisted with mine vent design, monitoring and optimisation of mining/ventilation operations, computers have enabled the introduction and use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) for fan development. Both CFD and FEA simulations have provided advancements in improved fan construction, reliability, fan performance and efficiency.

How does the ventilation sector look in the next 50 years?
‘In next 50 years?’, is hard to say as mining and fan technology could be significantly different in this time. However, for the next 10 and possibly 20 years I would envisage that with the introduction of EV equipment underground we will see some impact to the mine’s ventilation application & requirements. Further to this, with government and investor pressure to greener, more sustainable operations, higher emphasis is likely on more efficient fan technology along with smarter operations for management of ventilation and power consumption.

What advice would you give graduates today?
In relation to my comments ‘in the next 50 years’ (above) and for graduates finding themselves in ventilation roles, I would like to say that ‘ventilation’ and ‘management of ventilation’ in the coming future will likely be elevated in its importance, not only in the safety aspects of ventilation, but also with the benefits to provide substantial operational savings by better ventilation management. Therefore, understanding some basic fan application, efficiencies and technologies would be of benefit in bringing cleaner, greener and more economical (meaner) operations to the mine’s owners. Obtaining good basic knowledge on fan technology from recognised published fan journals and reputable OEM’s will arm you with information to achieve this.

We know you are passionate about ventilation, but can you share with us other interests outside of work.

In my free time I enjoy motorcycling, tinkering on my older motorbikes and live music.

Paul Michetti has over 43 years of experience in the manufacture of industrial and mining fans with recognised national and international fan companies. He has been involved with the mining industry in both metalliferous and coal mines for 28 years.