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    WASM graduates demonstrate a strong passion and pride in relation to their personal association with the Western Australian School of Mines.The values are generated from the linkage to being educated in the Kalgoorlie goldfields.This backdrop provides the foundation for the value set that has been apparent for over 100 years of educational history. Resourceful, practical, pragmatic, capable, hard working and enthusiastic graduates enter the mining industry with a “can do attitude”.Read More
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    Become a member of WASMA and receive professional benefits, free events, discounted tickets and major events, monthly MineChat to stay connected and monthly updates.Our partner Westpac has designed special financial packages, recruitment assistance from Hanrahan Smith, partners to WASMGA and mentoring.WASMA is committed to supporting all WASM Graduates’, whether you graduated from Kalgoorlie or Bentley you will always be a WASM Graduate.Read More

  • Patrons
    Academic Performance: Based on academic merit, the scholarships will be awarded to academic students (high achievers), irrespective of their means and circumstances.
    Leadership Performance: Based on leadership merit, the scholarships will be awarded to students who have demonstrated leadership skills in personnel, sporting or academic arena, irrespective of their means and circumstances.Read More

  • Patrons
  • Patrons
    1. WA School of Mines Graduates’ Association and Hanrahan Smith Employment Placement Partnership2. Mining Surveying :: Associate Lecturer, Teaching Focused
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