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Enriched in a deep history dating back over 100 years, WASMA is proud to be the second largest alumni network in the world. This inclusive, collaborative, alumni-driven organisation is committed to the continual growth of the sector from the relevant education of students, through to industry connections and resources.

Stay connected to your peers and develop deep network connections through our regular networking and education events. Throughout the year, WASMA host a number of events and activities through the year that you can get involved with. Find out more here.

More than miners, we are change makers and trailblazers.

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Membership is free for all past students and when you join WASMA, you join a diverse network of motivated Alumni. Together we drive excellence in our industry, advocate for the resource sector and invest in innovation through education and research.


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Hear from past WASM:MECE students about how their membership with WASMA helped them to gain industry connections and job prospects.

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