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  • Case Study : WASM ALUMNI
  • Alumni Member : Karen Paterson

2015 and early 2016 have been a very busy period for the council. BDO, a partner to WASMA, has worked tirelessly with the council on developing a clear vision and strategic plans for the future of the alumni and WASM.

The council established a road map, new subcommittees and KPI’s for the next few years. At the Annual General Meeting in August we will present you with an information pack with the details for your reference.

Your Alumni works for you, offering a range of services and events to ensure the WASMA family are there to support you at every stage of your career, keeping you in close contact with past graduates and WASM, a school that is unique. With our Bentley Branch up and running, the alumnus is here for all WASM graduates, whether you attended the Kalgoorlie campus or Bentley.

The range and frequency of events have extended over the years and we now offer an event every month. MineChat is now held at The Petition Wine Bar and the events team have put a list of special guests to come along and chat for 10mins on various topics, ranging from Disruptive Technologies, Innovation, the latest research from WASM.

Our new Mentoring Program sponsored by Saracen and RUC, is for all our members, so if you would like to mentor or be mentored please contact the office or fill in the form online.

Our new web site has been launched. The new site has been built as an interactive platform giving our members the opportunity to talk online to all the members or send private messages. You can join the Bentley Branch or Kalgoorlie Branch and their forum, depending on where you live or which campus you attended during your WASM study days.

If you are living overseas the alumni is establishing chapters around the world so you can keep in touch, attend events in your local area. Our first chapter in Vancouver is up and running with Jason Allen at the helm.

The alumni association is concerned with fostering and strengthening a worldwide WA School of Mines alumni community that is responsive to its members and supportive of the school.

To pay the bills, the alumni association mounts an annual membership campaign; the Alumni asks for your support, primarily in the form of annual membership fee of $110.00.

I believe with each investment we make, the alumnus get’s a little stronger. Many times each year the alumni makes it possible for members to hire one another; to refer prospective students; to gather, learn, network and socialize together; to mentor young graduates, or volunteer in other ways in support of the school or the alumni community; to locate fellow alumni with whom to consult professionally; to invest in the future by supporting the WASMGA Scholarships & Bursary Fund INC or by sponsoring students at events; and to show their Mines pride through WASMA membership.

Membership dues and donations from senior members constitute the largest source of annual revenue for the alumni and on behalf of the council I thankyou for your continues support

The council always values and encourage the work of volunteers so if you would like to help or join the council please contact our COO Ann Meyer:

That is, after all, our job: to encourage all alumni to keep in touch, stay connected, get involved and give back.

In closing WASMA would like to acknowledge the excellent work of our media partners Media 365 who have created our new website, members portal and fully produced the first edition of The WASMA Wrap.

Bill Beament

President WA School of Mines Alumni CEO Northern Star Resources LTD