WA Nationals Brendon Grylls has committed 150 million to WASM, bringing WASM clearly into the the political campaign.

The cash is to come from the mining tax revenues the Nationals proposed last year.

A large part of the extra funding is to go towards a proposed new Pilbara school in partnership with the WA School of Mines Curtin University

45 millions is to go towards the new test mine and processing stie for the school, 5 million on executive education programs for WASM, 50 million towards the new campus in the Pilbarra.

On top of all that another 50 million is to go towards funding research and scholarships. Co-funding is expected from Industry.

The initiatives and proposals were the brain child of the WA School of Mines Alumni, led by the alumni’s President Bill Beament, and Vice President Raleigh Finlayson, and the Vice Chancellor Professor Debbie Terry, Jane Coole and her team at Curtin University.

This is a win-win situation for not just the WA School of Mines but for the wider community within the goldfields and pilbara regions and in particular for the growth of the industry.

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Author: WASMA

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