ABC June 8 2015 By Bridget Fitzgerald and Tara de Landgrafft Mining engineer and WASMGA Councillor Sabina Shugg has been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday honours list as a Member of the Order of Australia for her service to the mining industry. Ms Shugg started out her career in WA’s goldfields and has championed the involvement of women in the industry, founding Women in Mining Resources (WIMWA) in 2003. “I like to think that I get out there and give it a go and speak up for things that need speaking up for and represent how you can make the most of being in this industry by being part of the community and networking and being involved in what’s going on,” she said. Ms Shugg said despite the current downturn, there were still plenty of opportunities for young people wanting a career in mining. “I truly believe there’s some really great careers in the mining industry for both men and women,” she said. “And there’s lots of amazing things that go on in the industry that people can take their careers and move around the industry and work in lots of different areas of the industry and move to a new area and move back again and have a really interesting and dynamic career. “It doesn’t have to be all the cliched out on-site work, it can be a variety of things all around the world

Author: WASMA

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