Albert Evans was a mining engineer, originally from the UK, who was recruited by Emertius Professor Odwyn Jones (former Director of WA School of Mines 1976 – 1991) in the early 80s to head up the Collie Federated School of Mines (CFSOM).

CFSOM was a sub-campus of WAIT/Curtin/WASM that was initially funded by the two Collie coal companies (Griffin Coal and Western Collieries Ltd), with the objective being to train Engineering Cadets (of all engineering disciplines, including mining) who were employed by the local companies straight out of high school, and gained work experience in the local mines for two years while studying part-time at the Collie School. This two years of part-time study at CFSOM covered the “common first year” of the Engineering degree, and then the students went on to full-time study to complete their degree at either Bentley campus (for other engineering disciplines) or WASM Kalgoorlie (for mining engineers).

The biggest benefit of this mode of study was the practical experience gained in the industry, very early in one’s career. It survived until the late 90s or early 2000s, when Albert retired and the Collie campus was subsequently incorporated into the local TAFE.


Albert’s funeral service will be held next Monday 8th August 2016 at Fremantle Cemetery.

Author: WASMA

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