Carnegie and WASM Alumni host successful event

Carnegie’s headquarters in Belmont hosted the best technical event for the WASM Alumni.

70 attendees from various sectors of the resources industry dressed up in their orange jackets and were treated to the very first up close and personal tour of Carnegie’s latest batteries, solar panels and technology not to found any where else in the world. Michael Ottaviano took on the role of Master of Ceremonies and as with most of our graduates, excelled at the role.

The highlights were Paul Vollant from TNG, a quiet thoughtful frenchman from China building renewable’s in the NT.

David Flanagan and Mike Ottaviano on the importance of WASM and the effect the disruptive technology is going to have on our students.

John Davidson, “you can’t stand still as you risk from being the disrupter to the disruptive, that’s how fast this technology is moving”.

Mark Thompson from Talga Resources, Australians conquering Sweden -“WA should focus on exporting our intelligence and technology to countries with little sun, polluting air. We live in such a perfect place we forget how other countries face enormous environmental challenges every day”


WASM Alumni would like to thank Sandvik for their support

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