Power disruptions for those working and living in remote parts of Australia can be reduced through investments in energy storage technologies and microgrids. As the push towards renewable energy increases, so too does the need to ensure the power supply is reliable and consistent in these communities.

Power disruptions are both costly and inconvenient, so energy storage solutions such as lithium-ion batteries, flow batteries and microgrids, as well as other hybrid generation energy storage systems, are currently being considered by mining companies.

Industry experts will discuss a range of storage options and their benefits to the power supply of remote parts of the country at the Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition (AES 2018), running from May 23–24 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Will Rayward-Smith, general manager at SunSHIFT, will detail the business case for energy storage and renewable energy at Australian mines. After launching SunSHIFT from within Laing O’Rourke, he has developed a clear understanding of market failures that limit the uptake of clean technologies, and helps to drive sector collaboration to overcome these failures.

Rayward-Smith will also discuss fit-for-purpose technologies available for the mining sector as well as the opportunity for Incremental HybridisationTM as a solution.

Also presenting at AES 2018 is Hermant Kumar, general manager capital works at Solomon Power. Solomon Power used a combination of solar panels, battery storage, backup diesel generators and a 415V distribution network at two new mini hybrid outstations in Seghe and Taro in the Solomon Islands. Kumar will explore in depth the process and outcomes of this project.

Kumar’s knowledge of the design, installation and commissioning of these hybrid generation systems in relatively remote provinces in the Solomon Islands will give great insight into the challenges and opportunities that face remote communities in Australia.

Hear from Will Rayward-Smith and Hermant Kumar, among other mining and energy storage experts, at the Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition. To register for the conference or the free exhibition, visit www.australianenergystorage.com.au/register.

Author: WASMA

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