Saracen’s is holding an auction of art at Diggers & Dealers this year with the proceeds going to WASM. The artist Ian Mutch spent his formative years growing up in Kalgoorlie, where he claims to have discovered his artistic creativity. He now resides in the south-west of WA but exhibits his work around the world. Saracen are bringing Ian back to his roots in Kal, where he will be painting using multiple techniques and media, with a mining theme. Ian will commence with a blank wall that will come to life over the 2-3 days of Diggers. The art will be approx. 2.4m x 3m in size covering the entire back wall of our booth. A silent auction will be held over the 3 days as the painting develops, with bids being written on the back of business cards and placed in the box provided. Saracens will be in booth number 125 in the inner central part of the marquee. The winning bid will be announced on the Wednesday morning (last day of Diggers). Raleigh is planning to create a time lapse video of the painting as it comes to life. If you require any further details give me a call

Author: WASMA

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