The volume of mining jobs being advertised in Australia continues to significantly outpace what was on offer in 2016, according to the latest data from online jobs portal Seek.

At a national level, the mining, resources and energy industry enjoyed the greatest job ad growth of all Australian industries on Seek in February, up 66 per cent year-on-year.

In Western Australia and Queensland – Australia’s largest mining states – job ads on Seek for the mining, resources and energy sector were 57 and 69 per cent higher respectively in February.

Across both states, it was mining engineers and mining operators that were in the highest demand. According to Seek, it is currently advertising more than 500 job opportunities for mining engineers in WA alone.

Seek managing director Michael Ilczynski said a recruitment trend had appeared in the mining industry as the volume of jobs ads continued to rise.

“A sustained hiring trend we’re seeing at present, is a demand for multi-skilled mining professionals that also possess ‘softer skills’, such as team leadership and communication. Hirers are looking for people that fulfil duties beyond the specific job requirements,” Ilczynski said.

Despite the volume of jobs ads improving again, Seek reported that Australia was still a hirer’s market with a “higher than average number of candidates” applying for the positions.

Author: WASMA

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