Every year your WASM Alumni organises a very special celebration dinner for the WASM Graduates, who graduated the year before from the WASM Kalgoorlie Campus.

In 2015 the council took the decision to include a luncheon for the WASM Bentley Graduates and these annual events are the highlights for the extended family of the alumni, it’s partners, industry, past graduates and sponsors.

The 2017 Graduation Dinner entertained 187 people, with 27 out of the 32 2016 graduates attending. The 2016 graduates receive a 12 month free membership to the alumni and access to recruitment and the WASM Alumni Mentoring Program

Our Gold and Silver medal were awarded to the alumna’s 2013 WASMGA Scholarship recipient Andrew Borth-wick Clarke with silver going to Janelle McPhee, our 2017 Scholarship recipient. The silver medals recognise the highest achievers in their chosen disciplines.

Thank you to PYBAR our Principal Sponsor and RUC for once again for their very generous support. We are in their debt. Thank you to Curtin events team for their assistance, to the Kalgoorlie campus administration staff especially Debbie Llaich who find the time to give help and support to the WASM Alumni’s COO. To Karen Clay BM for WASM and Sam Spearing, Director of WASM thank you and to the Social Club volunteers who ran the bar, job well done.

Bill Beament President WASM Alumni May 10 2017

Photo Andrew Borth-wick Clarke



Author: WASMA

The history of the Western Australian School of Mines Alumni (WASMA) reflects the ups and downs of the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) and the role it has played in supporting graduates in a range of activities and events. It also describes the important role that graduates have played in ensuring WASM remains in Kalgoorlie. Learn more.